Last Thursday Yahoo! unveiled their first logo redesign in 18 years. Created by a small internal design team including Marissa Mayer and the most buzzed-about intern in the second half of the first week of September 2013, Max Ma, the logo was intended to reflect a sense of "whimsy" and "evolution". 


This redesign has received its fair share of negative criticism; people were anticipating drastic changes based on some of the excitement stirred up during Yahoo's 30 Days of Change project. My main bother is its resemblance to Optima, a humanist font that teeters on the line between serif and sans-serif and is often seen representing beauty brands. Optima is a conservative face that swears she's cool but chases you around sliding coasters under your beers at house parties. I could've done with less restraint, but I understand the team's desire to distance itself from the original design (who can be found doing kegstands in the kitchen with the existing members of Jimmie's Chicken Shack).

Love or hate this redesign, the blueprint video assembled by Max Ma is beautiful and provides some impressive insight into the complex decisions that went into creating this innocuous symbol.

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