Brand proposal for an experimental supper club, "A Razor A Shiny Knife." 
This club facilitates educational, social and theatrical culinary experiences. They host events around the world, bringing together culinary ingenues and neophytes alike. They are most known for their Brooklyn-based experimental dinner parties, in which guests try their hand at elaborate and intensive meal-making over the course of an evening together. They also received heavy press for their “Pop-Up” L Train luncheon, in which guests aboard the Brooklyn-bound train were treated to a multi-course sit down meal. 

I designed this identity system to reflect the intersection between A Razor's curiosity for molecular gastronomy and their homespun, bespoke approach to cooking and community. This system includes a dinner kit, which would be distributed at one of their dinner parties with the various courses packaged neatly inside, in addition to the event's invitation, menu and founders' contact cards.



Event Invitation

Pop-up dinner menu

Business card

Pop-up dinner kit